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Challenge accepted!

September 02, 2015  •  Leave a Comment

Far out, it's September already! What the flip happened to 2015? Next  its Christmas, then New Year, then Sebastian starts cooking his own dinner and before you we know it he's moved out! Haha. Time.

This blog is something a little bit different. As you may have realised I have been on a very slow journey of self improvement since Sebastian was born (very, very, slow). Accordingly I am now enrolled in a mindfulness course, have been reading books by Deepak Chopra and Timber Hawkeye, and attempting to practise yoga/meditation for at least 20 minutes most days, as well as my usual walk the dog/baby. Oh and I got a real haircut as well! However there remained one thing that I had been contemplating for a while but never quite gathered the motivation to attempt.

Actual exercise.

I mean the type where someone tells you what to do until you sweat and feel like you are going to pass out (or at least get a really good headspin).

There are a few reasons I had been contemplating this, mostly due to back pain, which I can only assume comes from never having used a back muscle for anything other than sitting up in my life, and even that's a struggle sometimes.

So I got myself pretty pumped up for this new adventure, and started looking into exercise options in Townsville. Oh My God. I knew that people were a tiny little bit obsessed with fitness in Townsville, but from what I've seen, there are more personal trainers than actual people living here.

There are plenty of options, traditional gyms (not really interested because I don't want to be inside, however after the last 2 weeks of spring weather I am starting to reconsider this), Cross fit, Outdoor group personal training, Indoor/outdoor group training, Mum's and Bub's groups, 'Wellness' studios, Boot camps... the list goes on.

After weighing up this multitude of options (price/location/session times) I decided to go with a trainer called Andre, of Andre the Giant's Gym

Andre offered mid morning Mum's and Bub's classes as well as early morning and afternoon bootcamps at the strand, and at a very reasonable price. So as you do, I went out and bought myself some fancy work out gear (since when is a sports bra worth $70 by the way???) and psyched myself up for my first session, Mum's and Bub's on Wednesday morning at Sheriff Park.

For those of you that don't know, Sheriff Park is a very lovely, shady park next to the river in Aitkenvale. It has numerous play areas for kids (not enclosed unfortunately), and toilets as well. I assumed that there would probably be between 5 and 8 people at the session, that day must have been the busiest day he has ever had, because there were roughly 14 women and about 20 kids. For one baby sitter to look after. That poor woman (Andre's lovely wife Sonya).

I warned her that Sebastian was a runner and a climber. As soon as we both turned around he was up on the first level of the playground, which I'm pretty sure was designed for children ages 4 and up. She managed to keep an eye on him but as we started running - only 50 metres away- Sebastian lost it and chased after me screaming and crying as if I was totally abandoning him, despite the fact I was already on my way back by the time he realised what was happening. And this is basically how the next 45 minutes went.

I did manage to subdue him with food, which he ate right next to my head while I did push ups and sit ups for about 10 minutes, but as soon as the food was gone, it was back to screaming. So I attempted to do the work out with him. I put him on my stomach to do sit ups. I put him under my chest to do push ups. I put him on my shoulders to run. That was fun.

That day I gave up early, and hoped the next time would be better. And it was. For some reason Sebastian was absolutely content to play and eat and didn't cry once. The next two times, not so much. There was plenty more tears, screaming, and lots of bribing with popcorn.

Well I wasn't going to give up that easily.

I decided to try the morning bootcamp (5.30 am, why!). I actually set my alarm, and by chance Sebastian woke up just before 5, so I had no excuse. After feeding him and putting him back to bed, I got the dog, seeing as I was going to be a bit early, and headed to Jezzine Barracks, where the workout was supposed to be. Let me tell you, Jezzine Barracks is quite creepy at 5.15 am. There are police patrols though which is good (I think) to know. Me and Archie had a little walk and got back at 5.30. Couldn't see any boot campers. Had another little walk, still no-one. I thought, maybe I got the location wrong, so I drove to Strand park which is where the other morning sessions are on. No boot campers there either. Back to Jezzine. Still no one. Well, as you can imagine I was most upset that my efforts had gone to waste. However Archie's was in luck because he got an extra long walk, and I got a coffee! Turns out, Andre had given me the wrong times, Thursday boot camp is actually in the afternoon.

Finally, I did make it to a morning session, and it was a real work out. I was recovering from a cold so I felt pretty average, and at times like I was actually going to be sick. But I felt good afterwards. For a few hours, then I felt sore.

So my new exercise experience has been a bit hit and miss. Since then, Sebastian has been teething like a newly turned vampire which has thrown everything out of whack. I haven't been this week. I feel bad, and I want to go! I can see how people get addicted. I was already in love with the idea of a fitter, healthier, stronger me after one session, and having someone telling you exactly what to do the whole time makes it a hell of a lot easier than trying to just get there yourself. I also haven't mentioned the other ladies at the sessions. Some of them were lovely and offered to help with Sebastian when he was getting all emotional. It's always nice to have the support of other Mums.

You will be happy to know that there is no photographic evidence of this. Maybe I should have taken a before photo (or not), but for me, this is not about the changes you can see on the outside. Of course I will be happy if I lose a few kilos but mostly I just want to feel healthy and strong, not like an old lady, as I do so often these days!

Have a great day!

Mia x


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