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Well I haven't got around to writing my second blog about Bali, because you weren't kind Bali, you were cruel!

But this is the blog I wrote a few weeks ago that I mentioned before, and after my experience yesterday this seems like a pretty suitable time to publish it.

Yesterday morning I was offered the opportunity to attend and potentially join one of the Townsville chapters of BNI - Business Network International

As the name suggests, BNI is a networking association with each chapter allowing entry to one member from various industries with the aim of referring business and customers to all the other members of the group. Pretty much everyone working together to build each others businesses. I was invited to attend the meeting by Mal, a local photographer I have done a little work for (who I mention below). After this 90 minute meeting I was approached by three of the business owners about potentially creating videos for them. Just from one meeting. And there are no other videographers in any of the other chapters in Townsville either. (sshh, don't tell anyone). BNI is clearly a great opportunity for someone like me, and I would never have heard about it without my contact with Mal.      

Read on below to find out how important some other relationships have been to this first year of my business....

It has recently been brought to my attention that I don't write blogs about work. This is not entirely true, maybe about 90%.

I guess one of the reasons for this is because I find work easy, and the rest of life hard!

When I am working I feel confident and comfortable, the total opposite of how I feel most of the time.

The last few months have been amazing work wise. The switch to videography as my main medium has really paid off and I've had some  great opportunities presented to me because of it. Possibly more important than that are the relationships I have made that also contributed to these jobs coming my way. 

Alex Christopher is the heart and giant brain behind small business Monk Script. I first met her at Uni, she was one of my second year lecturers, and I was immediately impressed and intimidated by how smart and accomplished she was. Alex is passionate about everything she does, and she does a lot of things!

My first experiences working in the Townsville Art scene were both thanks to my relationship with Alex. One was producing a video for La Luna Youth Arts. La Luna ran a series of free arts workshops called Art Village at the Sunday markets during July and August. I simply had to document this and cut a 5 minute film from the footage.

This work was just the kind of thing I never knew I wanted to do. It was such a perfect fit. My family already went to the markets every sunday for our fruit and veges, now I just had to take my camera along too!

The second opportunity that arose was something much more challenging and dynamic. A music video!                                          

Now I have filmed live bands before, but this was a real production. First four days of filming two local artists, Garth Jankovic and Nicky Bidju-Pryor, as they painted a multicultural mural in town. Then the day of the actual musicians coming and performing the song in front of the artwork. There were multiple cameras, streets blocked off, backup singers and dancers, and really cute babies!

The film was called Hybrid Culture, and promoted a message of unity and harmony. It was such an amazing experience working with those people. The energy and enthusiasm they had for what they were doing and the message they were sharing was so inspiring. It really pushed me not out of, but into my comfort zone. Working behind the camera on those days I felt like I knew exactly what I was doing and why I was doing it.

And this job was offered to me because Garth and I crossed paths as we were both having meetings with Alex. 

Another person who deserves a mention here is Dianne. Dianne is another of the most motivated, talented and multi tasking women I know! She is a fantastic Photographer, graphic designer and super smart tech whiz (I do not understand any of the stuff she does). She also has two small crazy humans to take care of.

Dianne recommended me for an assistant job to an established photographer in Townsville. The work was hard but it was fun, and making that contact with Mal from Leiden Studios was invaluable for me. 

As well as these amazing projects I have been working on, I finally finished the first episode of a series I am producing with the Finlay family about their life in Innovation House. You should definitely watch the video to find out more if you are interested in sustainable living!

And then there are the weddings. Oh. my. gosh. Weddings are awesome! Who wouldn't want to go to a wedding every weekend!?    

In all honesty, filming someones wedding is such a privilege and a special thing to be a part of. If you haven't been to a wedding lately, they are a big deal! I was lucky enough to work three in a row, and then attend one as a guest.                                                          

I don't think I will ever tire of seeing people in love declaring their feelings for each other, in front of a whole bunch of other people who love them too. Since I had Sebastian, I am not afraid to admit that it takes the slightest thing to get the waterworks going. One of the weddings I worked at, I started crying during their first dance. And then again every time I watched the video during editing.  It was just so beautiful. The happy couple dancing. The kids dancing together. The happy couple dancing with the kids… you got me good guys.

But seriously, it really is a privilege to be held responsible for documenting one of the most important days of a persons life. It is a big responsibility, and something you don't get a second chance at. And again, with every wedding comes new relationships. With clients, family members, the Photographers, the celebrants. Every job has the potential to lead to another one, or five or ten jobs. 

Well its time for bed, and as usual, this blog didn't really go the way I thought it would. What have we learnt today? Relationships relationships relationships! and if you get tired of the art world Alex, maybe you should try your hand at matchmaking!

Thanks for reading.

Mia x

Eyeswide ImagingSome of the projects I have been working on the past few months Eyeswide ImagingSome of the projects I have been working on the past few months Eyeswide ImagingSome of the projects I have been working on the past few months Eyeswide ImagingSome of the projects I have been working on the past few months


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