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Having survived the last 4 weeks of unemployment, I feel fully qualified (ahem) to impart my new found wisdom on all of you lovely people. Brace yourselves....

If you want to succeed at something you are passionate about, get fired, then get rejected, then get depressed, then realise that every door is now open for you to chase the dream you have, and put all of your energy into achieving it!

Since my last post I have wholeheartedly dedicated myself to this business I am creating. I have had ideas that I thought were great, unfortunately the public doesn't seem to agree with me on all of them, but I put myself out there, and one failure led to another door opening.

I have allowed myself to adapt and change to cater to what I saw as a gap in the market, and in the process I am developing new skills, and a newfound passion for a different medium, video.

There are so many great photographers in Townsville, and although everyone is unique, I don't want to have to fight for every single job I get. I want to make a name for myself as a professional, someone people seek out because their work has touched peoples lives and made a lasting impression. Filming, instead of just taking photos is an amazing way to capture special moments, and to be honest I don't know why it isn't more popular. I hope to change that, and make video footage of events such as weddings and birthdays just as important as the photography. 

The last two weeks have been amazing. Since committing myself to making this business successful, I have booked 4 jobs, done my first family shoot (very casual but I am still so happy with the pictures), filmed a friends bub's first birthday party and even been contacted by a young girl who wants to learn about photography from me (my own apprentice!!). 

I have organised collaborations with other local business owners to promote each others work, and on top of all this, managed to take Sebastian to the park almost every day :)

All the excitement is helping me feel very positive about the future, but I try to remember to live in the now, and not count my chickens before they hatch!

So, being the super busy business woman that I am (hehe), I will leave you with a few pictures from the family shoot that I did with the lovely Gina, Rowan and baby Dexter (and cutie big cousin Mackenzie snuck in a few shots too). I learnt some really valuable lessons from this shoot. It was unpaid, so we were keeping it very casual, just at home, but oh how I wish we had just gone down the street to the park! Those lovely sunset images would have been so much better without the ugly street background, and the indoor shots needed a bit of a lighting boost. However, I am still very happy with what we got, and hopefully Gina and Rohan are too!

Thanks for reading.

Mia x


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