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Well, it's been a busy few weeks for us. At the end of January we had a holiday down to the Central Coast of NSW to visit my family, pics of which I will share soon. Consequently not much work was done, but it was nice to just relax and not think about it for two weeks!

Before we left I shared a few images from my shoot with the very cute Latisnere family. Due to the storms (and let this be a warning to all of you) and my bad habit of half editing and leaving pictures sitting open in photoshop for days, i actually lost a lot of the work I had done on these images and had to start again. However... I have finished now so I will share some of the final images from their album with you.

The delay might have worked in my favour though, because last Friday I attended an AIPP workshop at JCU. At this talk I met the lovely Kurt Stockham from Tella Photography who gave me some really helpful tips for my practise.

The main speaker was Peter Rossi from Highlights Photography Cairns. Peter is the most awarded photographer in Australia and a bloody good bloke in my humble opinion. I attended with Sebastian, who decided that he was the one who should be giving the talk! Peter didn't miss a beat and proceeded to explain his business and creative practise in great detail, which was so helpful for someone starting out like me.

One thing that I noticed and questioned Peter about was the diversity of his work. Something that has troubled me since beginning my degree was the insistence that artists have to find their 'style' and stick to it. For someone like me who has very varied taste and creative output I have found it difficult to settle on one style that is my 'look', that people will know me for. I was happy to hear from Peter that he also enjoyed working in a variety of different genres and that in fact it is better to be able to diversify in a market such as Townsville. It is important to be able to work with a client to meet their needs and also to vary your work to suit the mood and message you are trying to convey.

And with that, here are 3 completely different looks from the shoot I did with the Latisneres, One natural, one black and white, and one very saturated colour.

Thanks for reading, have a lovely day :)


  Karen, Edgar and Sebastian Karen, Edgar and Sebastian Karen, Edgar and Sebastian


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